Settler HIVES


NOV, 2021


Settler Hives approached us to create a 'get to know you' style video which introduced them and their family and ultimately their reason behind starting their small business. They have grown leaps and bounds since we completed this project together but this is a great example of evergreen content; content that lasts forever because it speaks to the heart of your 'why'. This short video aims to build brand loyalty and advocacy by taking viewers on a journey of the brand and including them in their story.


This video had been storyboarded and planned across a few days.

We first shot their interview talking heads which would inform the story line of the rest of the video. From there, we built a shot list to reinforce the moments in the video keeping a focus on their small business and family. They describe wanting to help build a future that their children get to enjoy and a world still filled with the goodness they enjoyed as kids. It made sense to showcase their story through the eyes of their daughter; you see her perspective of her garden, her dad from the passenger seat, and her parents caring for their bees.

This is still one of my favourite projects I've worked on because the 'why' behind their business is so clear.