DEC, 2022


Hannah is a wedding and family photographer and she contacted us to produce some website content for her small business to help showcase how she works. We needed to describe her unique approach to photography and the reason behind why she dedicated her life to the occupation.

Overall, this video should showcase the photographer's unique approach and process while highlighting the value and benefits of working with them. It should be visually appealing and engaging.


We shot this video over 3 hours and spent several days working on it in post.

We captured the talking head portion of the video first which would later inform what and how we captured the

B-Roll elements. Hannah speaks openly about her natural and organic approach to photography, wanting her clients to feel comfortable in front of the camera. To illustrate this we incorporated several organic on-screen effects such as blurs and film stock layers; this also portrays a sense of 'one with the camera' and that Hannah will capture you as you truly are.

Video is an increasingly important aspect of social

media marketing, as it allows businesses to connect

with their audience in a more visual and engaging

way. High-quality video is especially important for

making a strong impression on social media, as it

helps to establish your brand as professional and credible.