Antara studios is a local yoga and pilates studio in Toowoomba, QLD. They provide a space to expand and grow across many facets of your existence, providing a range of movement and mindfulness classes and a team to guide you along your way.





Antara has been a long time client to Castle&Crown. We have been providing them with video and stills for their social media and website for over 12 months and are really proud of the the work we've produced together. They require a fairly constant stream of video and stills that showcase their studio as being open to anyone and the high level of knowledge held by their team.

In 2022 Antara hosted a Spring Retreat at Jimbour House where more than 20 people came and stayed for a weekend. Together they took part in workshops and yoga classes. Castle&Crown produced marketing material for the retreat which would aid to visualise the event but ultimately increase bookings.


This retreat hadn't been done before so it was important to capture the heart of what the experience would look like. Across 5 hours we captured the various activities you could partake in, including preparing a garden salad fresh from the vegetable garden, making bath salts, yoga and an all-in dinner.

We took 4 women to Jimbour House for the afternoon and filmed them doing the activities, we filmed the grounds and the location to showcase where the event would take place. The video needed to feel welcoming, spiritual and relaxing so the editing is built around a feeling of 'exhale'.